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Depression is one of the most common mental health disorders in the U.S., and the World Health Organization says that 9% of women and 5% of men suffer depression in the U.S. annually (roughly 16 million people).  Optimum TMS is committed to offer TMS Renyoldsburg, Depression Therapy in Columbus. Our main service location: Grove City, Grandview,  Reynoldsburg, Columbus, Pickerington OH. 

What sets us apart?

Latest Technology

Latest Technology

We feature the latest TMS technology, Deep TMS, which reaches significantly more mood related neuro-circuits than traditional TMS.

Patient Centered Care

Our goal is to provide you the best opportunity to achieve mental wellness. Our caring staff stands ready to assist you in determining is TMS right you.

Board Certified Psychiatrists

You will have confidence that our  doctors our empathetic, honest, trustworthy & knowledgeable in the field of Psychiatry, including the latest TMS Technology.

Central Location

Our modern, downtown Columbus office, provides a pleasant & serene therapeutic experience for your quick 20 minute TMS session.

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