Here’s what our patients are saying about Optimum TMS!

“After 30 years of Major Depressive Disorder and PTSD, finally something that works! I am astounded and so very grateful! Thank you!”​

“Extremely kind and welcoming staff members. The treatment definitely started to work over time. I would recommend TMS to anyone who’s looking to take a different approach to strengthening their mental health and the sessions were usually very quick. Overall a great experience.”

“Professional and caring environment and truly an amazing facility. I recommend highly to anyone suffering and in need of mental health professionals.”​

“I was seen in a timely fashion and they most definitely worked around my schedule to treat me. My depression is lower and I could tell a difference after a couple of weeks.”

“Dr. Blair and his team were very caring and helpful people. I have suffered from depression since I was 20 years old and Dr. Blair has been the best Dr I have seen. He cares and answers any questions. Great office and staff. I recommend him to anyone suffering. I rate them 10 stars if possible!”

“I just finished TMS treatments! YaY! I recommend that anyone who suffers daily with depression contact Dr Blair as he is incredible! Such a professional office staff too! You will be treated with kindness & encouragement! I now feel that I’ve found the best parts of me again! And guess what…the hardest part of this treatment is showing up because you are depressed! If I could follow thru then you can too!”

“Extremely welcoming environment and an amazing staff. Highly, highly recommend Optimum TMS for anyone struggling with depression.”

“The staff at Optimum TMS were so nice and accommodating! Dr. Blair was wonderful and helped me tremendously. I cannot say enough nice things about Metro Psychiatry and the TMS treatments. I feel so much better and I am so glad that I had the treatments. Please give them a call if you are dealing with depression. There is help and there is hope!”

“I just finished my last TMS treatment! I’ve struggled with severe depression for years and the awesome staff and treatment at OptimumTMS have successfully helped me get into remission. This is my first successful response to any treatment for my depression. I highly recommend this place to anyone in need of help and hope for depression!”

“Everyone was so welcoming and helpful. I was the first person treated for OCD at this location, but they did an awesome job!”

“I have had depression for so many years. I saw a commercial for Optimum TMS and figured I’d give it a try. It turned out to be one of the best decisions of my life! I’m able to function in my everyday life and my depression no longer controls me. If you’re looking for help this is the place to be. The staff is amazing and they helped me to realize there is hope for a better life!”

“The staff was wonderful – considerate, compassionate, made the whole experience easy and pleasant. Definitely recommend Dr. Blair, his staff and facility for anyone having issues that TMS can help.”

“Everyone is friendly, & pleasant. They’re all very helpful in making you feel comfortable, & thorough in explaining what to expect & answering your questions. My treatment was a success, & I couldn’t have done it without their help & encouragement. Thanks to all of you for everything you did for me.”

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